Growing up, two things really lit my fire: music and movies. My band covered the music side of things, but while we dreamed of rock stardom, reality had other plans.

I didn’t have any connections in the film industry, so I grabbed a High 8 Video Camera and started making short films with my buddies. When I watched Sergio Leone’s „Once Upon A Time In America“ and the works of Martin Scorcese and Stanley Kubrick, I fell head over heels for the art of cinema. From that moment on, film became just as important to me as music.

Getting into film school at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg was a dream come true. Finally, I could immerse myself in film all day with a bunch of other film-fanatics and learn from some of the best cinematographers in the business.

After graduation, I shot my first full-length feature and dipped my toes into the world of commercials. I’ve had the chance to work with some amazing directors and crews from all over the world.

Lately, I’ve found immense joy in jumping between commercial and narrative feature work whenever possible. For me, film is in my blood, and I can’t imagine doing anything else. Whether I’m working on a commercial or a feature film, my goal is always to create an atmosphere that really grabs the audience.

As for my influences, they’re all over the map and unsurprisingly predominately feature musicians and filmmakers from Roger Deakins and Denis Villeneuve to Dave Grohl and Mina Caputo. Plus many more like Greta Gerwig, Jaques Audiard, Ramin Djawadi, Jane Campion, Fatih Akin, Prince, John Frusciante and Eddie Van Halen, to name just a few. And let’s not forget my amazing wife and our three kids—they’re a huge inspiration too on a daily basis.